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transdermal whole nutrition + makeup benefits

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HAUT, MEANING ‘SKIN’ IN GERMAN, is Canadian-crafted and family owned and operated. My ingredients are locally grown and ethically sourced, chilled to perfection and blended up fresh before being shipped directly to your doorstep. I started creating custom natural products for family and friends in 2004 and things just grew from there. Being that our skin is our largest organ, it makes sense to use only the freshest ingredients on it.

make every application count

bioferments + raw clays + superfoods

plant makeup

Over 65% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. That being the case, I have created my formulas to cleanse, detoxify, and strengthen the lymphatic tissues and nodes of the body, and also to enhance the immune system. That way you are protecting the body from the outside as well as healing it from the inside. It is makeup with massive whole health benefits.

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free shipping

Receive free shipping on all orders over $200 worldwide! We use only earth-friendly packaging and paper-free receipts.


free personal trainer for skin

Custom blended formulas + online custom consultations! I offer samples in 100% plantable packaging to ensure you have the perfect shade, texture, and coverage but also help you order what your skin is needing most to start with.


freshly handcrafted

freshly handcrafted with superfoods & bioferments, titanium dioxide free, mica free, beeswax free, cruelty free, ethically cool & made with love in B.C. Canada!


create your own custom foundation…

Create your very own custom formula of coverage which you can also alter through the different seasons. Most women have never experienced what it is like to have the PERFECT shade and coverage in a foundation. Once you have a formula that is made just for you, with 100% raw, vibrational herbal infusions, there is no going back to your regular foundation.

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