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welcome to my makeup line!

CUSTOMIZE + re-customize your foundation shade as needed with the shade-changers colour palette!


winter wellness

i am usually up to my elbows in plant butters. have a question? just leave a message in the right bottom corner and I will reply asap!


winter healing

I offer amber glass bulk packaging and refill pouches 100% made from plants at honest prices all year round.


winter textures

my prices are in canadian dollars, I ship worldwide, and pay the shipping for my clients on orders of $200 or more...

mica-free, titanium dioxide free, nano-free, pfas-free, create your own formula, made fresh upon order

healing terpenes + molecular hydrogen + shilajit + sacred clay + other unique, skin-loving ingredients in handcrafted formulas and no animals were harmed in the making…

haut, meaning ‘skin’ in german, is canadian-crafted and family owned and operated. my ingredients are locally grown if and when available and ethically sourced, chilled to perfection and blended up fresh before being shipped directly to your doorstep. i started creating custom natural products for family and friends in 2004 and things just grew from there. being that our skin has its own microbiome, it makes sense to use only the freshest and most nourishing and nurturing ingredients on it.

raw living clays


raw organic cold pressed plant butters


products mixed fresh upon order


organic whole superfoods and whole herbs


free shipping worldwide on orders $200 and over


personalized online consultation with creator + cost redeemable in product


is coloured mica safe for skin?

Almost every single eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and lip product that advertises being natural has mica listed as the main ingredient. I wanted to know…

8 reasons to ditch silicones in 2023 + pressed powder production secrets

No matter what your skin type, one of the ingredients I recommend avoiding is silica or silicone. Or silicones, I should say—because these slippery ingredients go…
makeup tips

foundation descriptions if you are new to my line…

coconut bb cream mango bb balm shilajit bio-foundation tamanu dewy hdd chia + astaxanthin + seabuckthorn souffle molecular hydrogen + sugarcane serum + shade-changers  …

custom options

create your very own custom formula of coverage which you can also alter through the different seasons. most women have never experienced what it is like to have the perfect shade and coverage in a foundation. once you have a formula that is made just for you, with 100% raw, vibrational herbal infusions, there is no going back to regular foundation.

It feels weightless on my face. Usually my skin let's me know immediately if it doesn't like something. So excited that this seems like it works for me!!

MelissaFlorida, US

My last custom formula is a beautiful undertone. It blends so well with me skin, especially the darker parts. Amazing.

IfeomaNew York, US

I love your deodorant. You were right, it works!

JoyceManitoba, Canada

new to my line? start here!

products free of mica


products free of coconut


products free of titanium dioxide


products free of synthetic scents


product options to customize ingredients


create your own custom stackable makeup palette


bioferments + raw clays + superfoods = plant makeup

over 65% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. that being the case, i have created my formulas to cleanse, detoxify, and strengthen the lymphatic tissues and nodes of the body, and also to enhance the immune system. that way you are protecting the body from the outside as well as healing it from the inside. it is makeup with massive whole health benefits.

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